“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

Bobby Unser

American Automobile Racer


BIRDSEYE publication is a business publication at San Francisco State University. We publish articles on Entrepreneurs based in the Bay Area. As a publication, we want to help students get an insight into the journey of successful entrepreneurs and understand the type of skills that they should capitalize on while in college to be more successful in their careers. By bringing stories from renowned entrepreneurs, it helps provide different perspectives and suggestions to students which opens many doors. Reading our articles will help provide advice on business strategies as well as provide motivation to start working on a business idea!



Caroline Chu

She is the CEO and Founder of Caroline Chu Skincare and Cosmetics. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 1990 with a master’s degree in Industrial Arts and Graphics Communication…

Dr. Lynn Mahoney

She is the 14th president of San Francisco State University, a historian by training who loves to study history and literature, and accidental administrator is the first woman to take up the position in a permanent capacity in over 100 years…

Angela Luong

She is the co-founder of an upcoming mental health app called, “Calm On”. The application was launched by UDmonia: Eudemonia, a team of young programmers, animators, illustrators, and mental health researchers...

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