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About Us

Hello there!
We are Birdseye Publication.

Birdseye Publication is a student-run business publication where we publish stories of leaders that have started disruptive and impactful companies. We hope to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and students by providing students with a platform to learn from these individuals. Our hope is to inspire students to create, lead and innovate.

We want to help students understand the process and learn about the journey of successful entrepreneurs along with the type of skills that students should capitalize on while in college to be more successful in their careers.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Lajja thought that having a business publication could help students learn from entrepreneurs as well as gain insight into the business world. That’s how she got the idea to create Birdseye. She wanted students to learn from the stories of entrepreneurs as well as provide a starting point for students to create something of their own.


Our Team