Chino Baluyut

You have to forge your own path, which is exciting but it's also challenging

Chino Baluyat

-Written by Charlene B.

Chino Baluyut is the CEO and Founder at Sentence Center, an educational service that helps students become strong and confident writers. He graduated from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management. After coming to the U.S, Chino received his master’s degree in Secondary Education and Teaching at San Francisco State University.

About the Entrepreneur

While attending San Francisco State University, Chino took evening classes after teaching in various private schools and did private tutoring in the Bay Area. After realizing his potential, Chino decided to be his own boss and find clients. Aside from being a teacher, Chino was inspired to start his business, Sentence Center, which stemmed from his love for literature and writing. He narrowed his focus on teaching Language Arts, specifically writing. Chino focused on teaching the necessary writing skills that students need for middle and high school.

Chino’s classes were held weekly with five to fifteen kids in one group. The students would write one essay a week. Due to the pandemic, classes moved virtually. His goal for each class was to write one essay, read it in class, and receive feedback. By the end of the month, students would have written four essays.

Business Journey

Starting his company, Sentence Center, Chino mentioned how“nothing beats being thrown in there and doing the work yourself, making your own mistakes, and trying to learn from other mentors, businesspeople, and professionals in the field.”
He learned that you have to dive in, take risks, have a good plan, and take that first step.
When asked what he looks for when hiring a potential employee at his company, Chino seeks enthusiasm and passionsomeone who really wants the job, a willingness to improve, and love what they are doing.
Chino believes these skills are important because kids can feel the passion of teachers who love their job and genuinely care for their students.

Proud Achievement

Chino’s biggest achievement in life has been being a dad to two teenagers. Starting his company, he explained how it was a family effort with the support of his kids and wife by his side. Chino’s goals are to move forward and hopes to continue his business as far as he can.

Biggest Challenge

Chino is a big Star Wars fan. He described how George Lucas would sit in his chair for eight hours a day and do nothing until he finished five pages. Chino continues to be inspired by George Lucas’ discipline whenever he feels discouraged.
His advice for anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur is to remember that “there are sunny days and there are stormy days. Be prepared for the stormy days and for the droughts. If you are ready to face all that then you should be fine to take that step forward and take that leap.”

Lessons & Advice

“Successful leaders and entrepreneurs need to have a strong passion and motivation; their “why” to keep on going.”
No matter what socioeconomic background that you’ve come from, your personal experience will help others with their own struggles in many ways. “When you’ve been genuinely thanked by someone before, you will recognize that your efforts have paid off.” To find your ideal career path: focus on your strengths, morals and values. Do not be afraid of trying new experiences (even those that feel uncomfortable and scary).
You will learn a lot from those experiences, and exciting new opportunities will come afterwards. Do not be scared of pursuing a new career path that is traditionally “unaccepted” by people. Your genuine interest and passion will accelerate towards your success in any career path that you choose. How? Because you will have a reason to keep pushing yourself no matter what circumstances may bring to your path.

Special Thanks

Birdseye thanks Chino Baluyut for taking the time to sit down with us and have this fantastic conversation. We wish you, your team, and Sentence Center the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing future projects from you.