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Chino Baluyut

Chino Baluyut is the founder and CEO of Sentence Center, an educational service that builds strength and confidence in writers. Sentence Center improves student writing through weekly seminars tailored to the essay process, where integrative workshops make for enriching learning experiences.


Upon receiving his Business Administration and Management degree, Baluyut furthered his studies in Secondary Education and Teaching at San Francisco State University. While earning his degree by day, Baluyut took supplementary classes and privately tutored students by night. However, where teaching aspirations went, entrepreneurial aims closely followed, with Baluyut wanting the autonomy of finding one’s own clients and being his own boss. Channeling his love for writing and literature, Baluyut then founded Sentence Center, a program teaching crucial writing skills to middle and high school students.

Sentence Center holds weekly classes with groups of five to fifteen, tasking its students with one essay a week. Each class has students write their essays, read them in class, and receive immediate feedback from the class’s proctor. Thanks to the Sentence Center process, students write four essays in only one month’s time, including the added benefit of fresh takes in teachers’ comments. In founding Sentence Center, Baluyut notes how “nothing beats being thrown in there and doing the work yourself, making your own mistakes, and trying to learn from other mentors, businesspeople, and professionals in the field.” He experienced firsthand the importance of having a plan, taking risks, and, most importantly, making the first step. Baluyut credits Sentence Center’s founding to his family’s support, with fathering his two teenagers being his proudest achievement.


When asked what’s looked for in future employees, Baluyut says enthusiasm and passion are in demand, along with someone wanting to improve and love their job. He prioritizes these qualities because students recognize passionate teachers and the care given to those they teach, ultimately making for a more positive learning environment for student and teacher alike. When asked for advice to give future entrepreneurs, Baluyut advised: “There are sunny days, and there are stormy days. Be prepared for the stormy days and for the droughts. If you are ready to face all that, then you should be fine to take that step forward and take that leap.” Baluyut cites Star Wars producer George Lucas’ driven work ethic, noting how Lucas often wrote eight straight hours a day until finishing five pages worth of work. Baluyut looks to Lucas’ resolve whenever business feats prove discouraging, hoping to move forward and expand Sentence Center to its highest potential.


No matter the socioeconomic background, your personal journey helps those with their own struggles. Baluyut talks on this business mutualism when saying that “when you’ve been genuinely thanked by someone before, you will recognize that your efforts have paid off.” To find the ideal career path, sharpen your strengths, hold on to your morals, and know your values. Don’t fret new experiences, especially those outside your comfort zone; don’t fear pursuing an unconventional career; and follow where your passions lead.