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Gulshan Kumar: The Tesla Of Bottled Water

Gulshan Kumar is the Executive Vice President of Sales and partner of PATH, a company raising awareness of the single-use plastic pollution threatening our environment. PATH eases the issue through the international sale of reusable water bottles, presenting an innovative solution to a globally prevalent problem.


Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Kumar diverted from the area’s stereotypical representation of a hub for software, technology, and media development. His goal was not to invent the next flashy tech-piece in the world’s computer epicenter, but was rather to create a “simple solution to a huge problem,” a founding principle of the later-formed PATH. The company successfully maintains its place in such a fast-paced market by selling three differently flavored water products in reusable bottles, alongside limited edition models:

  • Still Water– For the majority of consumers. PATH’s purest filtered water with added electrolytes. Carried in a simple, ivory white reusable bottle bearing the Pathwater logo.
  • Sparkling Water– For consumers wanting some fizz in their daily hydration. PATHS’s carbonated water. Carried in a simple, royal blue reusable bottle bearing the Pathwater logo.
  • Alkaline Water– For athletic consumers. PATH’s 9.5+ pH balance water. Carried in a simple, jet-black reusable bottle bearing the Pathwater logo.

Not only do PATH bottles prevent the circulation of plastic pollutants, but they also promote charities through partnerships and pledges, supporting charitable causes such as the Wounded Warrior Project by making donations for every charity-tailored bottle sold. Consumers purchase bottle accessories through PATH’s website as well, with colored bottle sleeves and swing caps being available at affordable prices. Kumar stresses the competitive side of the beverage industry, where the desire to continually innovate is critical. New flavors, new products, and frequent nonprofit collaboration––that’s how PATH keeps its mark on the field. The company’s ambitions proved a great success, with PATH’s venturous conduct making it 2021’s second fastest growing U.S. private food and beverage company.1, a testament to their tremendous expansion since its founding six years prior.


When asked what’s looked for in future employees, Kumar held a stance more corporations should take in the employment process: not expecting three to five years of “work-related experience” from fresh graduates. He claims the notion is a “broken” mentality, and that PATH targets those with qualities of leadership, teamwork, and creativity instead. When asked for advice to give future entrepreneurs, Kumar advised, Don’t give up.” He considers mental capacity necessary for handling the pressures placed on an entrepreneur’s shoulders.  Kumar also encouraged to build a business upon passion, saying that “if it feels like a chore… you’re going to struggle.” 

From selling water out of employee cars to being the sustainability tech–giant the company is today, one wonders what PATH’s future holds. “We want to build new businesses that do something good for the planet,” Kumar says. He hopes to sell PATH in three years’ time, allowing Kumar and the PATH team to tackle further projects in their mission for a more sustainable and greener earth.


One doesn’t need the newest product or the most original idea to be successful. All that’s needed is passion, resources, a great team, and good business acumen. It won’t happen overnight, but with the proper motivation, regimented discipline, and timely execution, success will soon follow.