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Jonathan Javier: From Career Struggles to Career Consulting

Jonathan Javier is a first-generation Filipino from Orange County, California. He is the CEO and Founder of Wonsulting which aims to “turn underdogs into winners.” Jonathan graduated from The University of California, Riverside where he majored in Finance. 

Inspiration to Start Wonsulting

During the fourth year of his undergraduate career, Javier began applying to several jobs to provide for his family but faced many rejections. He came up with the idea of helping other people who had experienced a similar situation to him. 

Javier began hosting workshops for minority students, teaching them how to alter their resumes and tailor their LinkedIn pages to make them look friendly and welcoming. His inspiration for Wonsulting came from internalizing his own personal struggles as a student. He was often faced with the question: “What could I do to reach out to these people in order to help them?” He was and is passionate about helping people from non-traditional backgrounds and first-generation students from non-target schools. 

During Javier’s time at Google, he met Jerry Lee, a now a co-founder of Wonsulting, who was equally passionate about helping others. Javier and Lee came up with the idea of hosting workshops where they would teach students to develop their skills in networking, how to use social media platforms to leverage their positions, and how to build their personal brands.

Power of Social Media

Social media has allowed Javier and Lee to assist job applicants from non-traditional backgrounds through one-on-one coaching and online courses. As a student, Javier realized the power of social media and how networking could help job seekers to obtain a job. As a business owner, he has learned to network and spread information to help others better utilize websites like LinkedIn and Instagram. To be an entrepreneur, taking that first step may seem intimidating but it is essential to make an effort and put yourself out there. Javier believes that it’s alright to make mistakes and face rejections because you can learn from that rejection and use it as a motivator to grow. 

Proud Achievements

  • Receiving a Nomination for Forbes 30 under 30: To Javier, the idea that his work was impacting so many people was unfathomable. His successes motivated him to continue the work he was doing because he could now see the positive effects of it. 

  • From 30,000 followers to 2.3 million: Javier was soon recognized for his work on countless social media platforms through his verifications on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. His follower count for these accounts increased from thousands of followers to millions. 

  • Growing Workshop Attendance: People became passionate about learning what Javier had to offer. He is particularly proud of the large attendance rate for his workshops. He also received a nomination for LinkedIn Voice and is a part of LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator program.

Pushing Boundaries for Growth

In order to grow, Javier realized that he needed to push the limits and face the challenge of leaving his comfort zone. As Wonsulting began to grow, new ideas began to formulate and resulted in rapid changes in the work culture. The company wanted to help as many people as possible and has so far worked with more than a thousand clients, assisting them with landing their dream jobs at top companies.

Rejection Leading to Change

As a senior at UC Riverside, Javier realized that his first job would not be his last job. His hard work paid off when he was offered an Operations position at large-scale corporate companies like Google, Cisco, and Snapchat. He encourages students to network early, meet as many people as possible, and build relationships. It is imperative to use the resources available to you, along with friends, organizations, and counselors who can provide you with constructive criticism and feedback. 

Building Effective Teams

At Wonsulting, the philosophy is that age or resume should not be the deciding factor for the job. Talent should not be judged solely on your degree, the reputation and prestige of the school you went to, or how much experience you have. Looking for talent is an open-ended process. Your passion for growing as a person and learning the necessary skills should also be taken into consideration. 


Entrepreneurial Advice

  • Take time out for yourself. You should not feel guilty for taking a day off.
  • Take that leap of faith and start somewhere. You may end up with regrets or a missed opportunity, but you could also end up with a beneficial redirection.
  • Make sure to have a strong support system with people who offer constructive feedback.

“Rejection is just redirection. Your time is coming. Keep pushing.” -Jonathan Javier