journey of an entrepreneur

Mavlonbek Muratov

Written by Charlene Bautista 

Mavlonbek Muratov is the Founder of Agavente, an on-demand content writing service for small and medium-sized enterprises. He is a proud San Francisco State University alumnus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Mavlonbek came as an international student from Uzbekistan. During his studies, Mavlonbek joined clubs focused on entrepreneurship and innovation where he learned about product management design and built his network. Since then, Mavlonbek co-founded three companies –, a marketplace for filmmakers, ArubaAI, a customer service automation service, and FIDELLI, an Amazon private label and eCommerce store for high-quality textile products.

Journey into Entrepreneurship

When reflecting on his early career, a memory that stood out to him was when he received an email during class. Mavlonbek was selling screensavers on Amazon at 18-years old, and within three months, he made his first sale. 

 “I couldn’t believe that I made a sale – it was mesmerizing! After that initial sale, more and more kept coming. This fun experience motivated me to do more.”

Mavlonbek was inspired to start his business through his interest in writing. As an introvert, he turned to writing as a self expression. Mavlonbek started writing blogs and gained traction over time. Once he realized his potential in writing, the idea of Agavente began. His company offers on-demand copywriting for startups, e-commerce, and retail companies. It is an easier and more efficient way for entrepreneurs to solve their content needs.

Experience Starting a Company

Mavlonbek fell in love with e-commerce and selling products all over the country. He went to a conference in New York City for a global synergy forum. He met a lot of famous people there including Richard Branson and Gary Weiner. Mavlonbek also met his friend at the conference who was the co-founder of the company they started together called, Trewio. “We turned it into a film agency so we decided to have like a little boutique and film agency and we did a lot of commercial ads to different companies then I left, he stayed with this and moved on to next projects.”

Biggest Challenge as an Entrepreneur

When asked about a big challenge he has faced, Mavlonbek stated, “It’s always been the mental challenges – you don’t lose a battle unless you reassure yourself. People can give up easily, so for me the mental part has been really hard.” He explained how when you start something, there are a lot of uncertainties and responsibilities. Over time, Mavlonbek learned how to manage his perspective and mindset to overcome challenges that come his way.

“You should always have some positive attitude and believe in yourself and believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

He takes to heart a verse that promises “brighter days will come at the end of the dark days.”

Biggest Achievement

Mavlonbek shared that his biggest achievement is his family. He had loving parents and siblings who supported his whole journey. “You can always learn stuff, you can always earn income, but your health and your family is not here forever so I think that’s my biggest achievement in my life.”

Career Advice

The qualities that Mavlonbek looks for in a potential candidate is honesty. He was inspired by Warren Buffett who prioritized three qualities: honesty, integrity, and energy. Mavlonbek explained how “nobody is perfect from day one, we all learn as long as there is a desire to learn, energy and good morals, that I consider is a very good person.” Mavlonbek shared another piece of advice: “make good friends and continue to build your network. If you want to start a company, you should have technical skills and you should have very good friends.” He wants to encourage students to learn as much as possible, grow your network, and remember to focus on your mental health.