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Mavlonbek Muratov

Mavlonbek Muratov is the founder of Agavente, an on-demand content writing service for small and medium-sized businesses. Alongside his three other companies, Muratov leads Agavente with seasoned entrepreneurial skill, an ambitious mentality that guides him to astounding feats.


An international student from Uzbekistan, Muratov attended San Francisco State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Marketing degree. He joined clubs focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, where Muratov networked and learned product management design. Once graduating, Muratov would go on to co-found three companies: Trewio, a marketplace for filmmakers, ArubaAI, a customer-service automation tool, and FIDELLI, an Amazon private label and eCommerce store for high-quality textile products. Looking back at his early career, Muratov vividly remembers his first sale, when he sold his first screensaver on Amazon within three months’ time. “I couldn’t believe that I made a sale,” Muratov says, “It was mesmerizing! After that initial sale, more and more kept coming. This fun experience motivated me to do more.” Impelled by his success, Muratov was inspired to start a business aimed at his writing interests. Introverted Muratov initially saw writing as just a form of self-expression, but once he realized his writing potential, the idea for Agavente was born. 

Agavente company offers valuable copywriting for startups, retailers, and e-commerce businesses, providing easier and more efficient means for entrepreneurs to secure needed content. Muratov’s fixation on e-commerce and nationwide retailing would continually bring him to new opportunities, such as a global synergy conference introducing him to entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Gary Weiner, and even an eventual business partner. However, despite his many accomplishments, his enterprising was not without its hardships. Muratov spoke on the businessman’s psyche in the face of adversity, stating, “It’s always been the mental––you don’t lose a battle unless you reassure yourself. People can give up easily, so for me, the mental part has been really hard.” He feels that there’s a lot of uncertainty when starting something, but that one learns to overcome challenges and manage their perspective with time. Muratov’s spirits were also lifted by his supporting parents and siblings, where, of all his ventures, he takes the most pride in his family. “You can always learn stuff, you can always earn income––but your health and your family is not here forever.” Muratov notes.


When asked what’s looked for in future employees, Muratov says honesty is held in high regard. His priorities are inspired by Warren buffet, who feels the qualities of honesty, energy, and integrity are vital. “Nobody is perfect from day one,” Muratov believes, “[but] a desire to learn, energy, and good morals––that I consider [to be] a very good person.” When asked for advice to give future entrepreneurs, Muratov advises to “make good friends and continue to build your network. If you want to start a company, you should have technical skills, and you should have very good friends.” He encourages students to learn as much as possible, grow their networks, and focus on their mental health. “You should always have some positive attitude and believe in yourself,” Muratov says, “believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” 


Muratov’s business journey is as a model example for what being an impassioned entrepreneur can lead to. He embodies the fervor of directed ambition, displaying just how far an entrepreneur’s reach extends to. With his four self-started companies spanning across the board, Muratov channeled his passions into legitimate businesses, a notion only possible with his zest for entrepreneurism.